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Rutlage Wood
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Joined: 24th Aug 2016
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30th Aug 2017

Rutlage Wood, early life before crime was well boring. He went to school were he was born in sandy shores as a teen he smoked and dipped to fit in. He had a job at a local ranch and bought a rusted out truck. at 17 he got suspended for beating a kid till he got knock out his reasoning was he shoved one of his friends. at 18 Rutlage joined the marines to find a group he fit in to and he did fit in after 2 tours in Iraq he got honorably discharged at the age of 21 after that he went to drink and tobacco again to forget the past. one day he was driving around and he life turned around that one moment that changed everything. He found a shootout not just any shootout a lost mc shoot out he found a 44 magnum and took that with that he killed the two members that were bleeding out in the dirt next to them was a stack of meth and money. with that he went to his sandy shores trailer. The next day he had Lost mc knocking on his door he opened up not knowing who it was he got punch once in the ribs and thru his bed room door were he stored his newly acquired gun. he shot one guy in the chest and the other in the head and arm. After disposing of the bodies he took the meth and money he found along with the gun and went to LS while he was there he stole and killed drug dealers for money and drugs but never did any drugs but tobacco and alcohol after about a month or 2 of this he thought he could go home he was on Great Ocean Highway when a Highway Patrol pulled him over for speeding. when the officer walked up he seen weed he arrested Rutlage right after he seen it. after a 4 year jail sentence cut in half for good behavior Rutlage was out he even did not get a felony after his lawyer talk the judge out of that. but that lawyer was not cheap and Rutlage was poor all he had a rust bucket truck a trailer home and a gun. So he did the one thing any one should do he got a part time job at a quarry down the road he was head of rock removal and disposal although this was only part time it paid the bills But Rutlage was still looking for the big one a heist or something that would set him up for success or a group to join the make more money and maybe move out of sandy to LS or Paleto Bay.

HAIR: Brown 
JOB HISTORY: Ranch hand,Marine,Quarry Worker
NOTE: not normally angry but if you mess with him,his money making source or his friends and family will become very angry.
PARENTS:Mother From Italy ,Father From Italy (Name Changed to not get recognized.)
WEAPONS: Switch blade,Revolver
ARREST RECORD: 1 Arrest (Drug charges)
LICENSES:Motorcycle,Class A CDL,car/light truck

Parents record: both his mother and father were from Italy and moved to sandy shores for a new start and changed there name so the mafia back home they owed money to would never find them that only work out until Rutlage went to the marines when his parents got killed he never knew the only thing left was a note in his trailer saying they went back to Italy to pay off the money and they were not going to return.

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Last Edit: 6th Nov 2017 by Rutlage Wood X1
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