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Lewis "Merc" Brownicci
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Joined: 12th Aug 2017
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13th Oct 2017

Lewis "Merc" Brownicci
Born England
Lewis was raised into a family firm knowing little about it until he was 14 when he was introduced to the members of the firm and at 16 was put to work stealing cars and delivering goods to locations.
But after a job gone wrong when he turned 18 he ended up having to take out two members of rival firm which caused a huge hunt for him. After this happened Lewis' father got word that Lewis
was on the radar for a family in New York, which his father immediately took and sent Lewis over the pond and plan to fake his death so he could work for the family in New York without any heat. Lewis showed potential in his jobs when being made to gun down targets gaining the nickname "Merc" as his motivation was money and as long as the pay was good he would do the job with a
level of professionalism unmatched by many. At the age of 24 he began to see limits in what he could do in New York and began looking for other opportunities and heard Los Santos was the place to go. So he took the first flight out to Los Santos and is now a lone wolf looking to prove
himself to the local family that he is nobody that should be taken lightly.
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