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Johnny "Chicago" Tribiani
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Joined: 23rd Nov 2016
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13th Aug 2017

ALIAS: "Chicago" "Johnny C's"
Giacomo "Johnny" Tribiani was born in Chicago, Illinois. At a young age he was a troubled child never having a father and a single mother who struggled to raise him and his brother. He was thrown out of school multiple times for fighting, and other things. Spending most of his childhood in and out of correctional facilities for troubled youths he learned the ways of the streets quick. When he was 15 he was spending a year in one of these facilities when he learned his mother had died from cancer and that his brother was missing, he had became more angry with the world, and vowed he would always take care of his friends and family creating a better moral compass for himself. He was released and lives with his uncle and cousin Vincenzo "The Butcher of Lawndale" Tribiani and AlfonsoTribiani until he was 18, when he moved out and got his own place by making money as a small time associate for his uncle Vincenzos crew within the outfit. One day he received a call that his uncle was being deported back to Italy so Johnny went to see Alfonso, but when he had gotten there he only found a bullet filled cousin and a ransacked house. Not knowing where to go, who to trust, or whomto confide in he fled. Finding his way to Los Santos at the age of 22 he meta man by the name of Joseph "Broker Joe" Clemente, after Joseph had saved his life by showing him the ways of the city so he wouldn't have to be a low time thug or bum Johnny swore alligance to him. After a year of working closely with Joseph, Johnny decided it was time to call some of his friends from all around the country to join up. Calling Tommy "Toecutter" Shelby (a friend he had met while in Liberty City) and Michael "Lucky" Moretti (a childhood friend from Chicago) they started the Clemente Crime Syndicate and slowly but surely have started to take over the city.

Extra Notes: Johnny has a short fuse and an explosive temper, not one to be taken lightly when angry.
He loves his family and friends and has a famous saying for people who don't respect them "put respect on their names or I WILL put dirt on your body"
Loved animals and babies, wants to murder all animal abusers and pedophiles as violently as possible. Was arressted for stabbing a sex offender with a broken bottle but the evidence never stook.
Had a close friend who is ex Spetnaz, alias for said friend is unknown.
Always says to "never start smoking its a disease" while he's smoking a cigarette.
Carries a gun his father had left for him and vows to use it on his father the day he finds him.
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