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Basic Rules of our World
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Joined: 17th Jul 2017
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3rd Aug 2017

If you are interested in joining the GTA V Roleplay please contact us through the iclan website.

The Roleplays are hosted on a daily basis and we require all new Roleplayers to have some sort of Roleplay experience.

The following is a list of rules enforced in the Roleplay,

-The rules are here as guidelines to the community. Without rules, the role-play community would have no point.
Please try to respect the rules and the consequences of them too. It is more honourable to accept defeat,
than to deny it, and have it proven.
Player Rules:

-Chats should be done in partys only, no game chat..... there should be multiple parties consisting of the people you
are working with on your current mission/job. If you are asked to leave a party by a higher up it is for a reason.
leave the party until you are told to enter again(ie an invite to join party)
If law enforcement is in a party that party is for LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

-Radar MUST be turned to OFF.....NOT blips completely OFF unless told you can put it on by a higher up.
if found violating this rule you will be banned.

-Vehicles must be set on "Everyone".

-Player May NOT enter passive mode.

-Players cannot lend, borrow, or sell Weapons.

-A character can only kill another character if the player has a reason. This reason cannot be due to a mental illness,
effects of drugs/alcohol, small crimes or acts such as assault or theft unless the situation and the people involved and
have a past history of conflict due to a severe reason towards the player them self
or to someone of importance to their character.
After a scene that involves a character death 2 or more staff members that were not related or effected by
scene will justify if the killing was reasonable,  they will make the final decision.

-Player cannot randomly sabotage the city at any time.

-Players must apply fear to your character. Take into consideration all actions and there consequences as your
character would in real life. There are consequences for your actions. you can be beat to taught a lesson or worse
you can be snapmatic whacked an banned from our world.

-Players may not lie about what they own. If caught lying you will be immediately kicked out of the Roleplay.

-Ways your character dies in one death are Execution Styled kills.

-Players will not lose lives from Falling, Being killed by npc's, Being killed by npc police, being run over,
or drowning(If you wish to Roleplay your character dying in one of these fashions you may)
*Players may not abuse this rule, If you are being shot at by a cliff
 you may not jump off the cliff purposely to escape dying.

-Police can only turn a blind eye or become corrupt if they are a dirty cop. you cant jump back and forth
from good cop dirty cop. once u choose to become dirty the only way to be a clean cop again is to be killed and
starting a new cop character

-In a police pursuit if you die or get trapped by the police(player controlled cops)you will be considered under arrest.
If your a cop and you die in a police pursuit your character is out of that specific pursuit.

-You may take players hostage by either of the following
Melee with a firearm
Melee with a melee weapon

-If taken hostage you may not shoot, run away, or talk unless told to. Act like you are tied up.


-No Revenge Characters.

-No excessive swearing.

-You may not take emotions from out of Roleplay into the Roleplay.

-No Harassment of any sort.

-You may not break out of jail/prison in any way.

-Do not invite non-members into the unless given permission by a higher up.

-Dont change the geographic landscape of the Family. these changes must be official.

-Dont invent large and powerful organization in the RP world.. a small unknown street
gang or posse is fine.

-Dont use unrealistic weapons or items.

-Dont start your own business without clearance.

-Dont create your own business or racket.. If you want to do that then take your changes on the streets on your own..
we have multiple rackets and people are ahead of you in the line in terms of being able to run a street level operation..
work your way up by helping others run their rackets.. you will never lead if you cannot first follow.

-Don't simply have war with a group or player, Always try to negotiate.
negotiations can lead to more roleplay, and help out with your characther advancing.

-Players must Roleplay with npc's sometimes. An example is if I walk into the Gas Station
to buy food
and there is not real player I must act like I am speaking to the clerk
If everyone sticks to these basic rules then the depth and realism of this world will continue to grow..
till one day its as deep and intriguing as it could be, to those who delve into it. so for those people,
I cant have the others ruining it by effecting the landscape with contradictions..
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Forum » Forums » Rules and Guidelines
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