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Welcome to the Los Santos Network. We are an Xbox1 roleplay universe that is in the beginning stages of creation. As of right now there is only 1 crime family in our network known as The Clemente Crime Family.
a new member should fully read and fully understand the rules of our Network, you can also find jobs, bios of our characters and all locations owned by the people in our network on this website. With that being said I must state that this is not a universe a person should join if they are looking to make GTA money, they should not join to troll and/or grief any members. As a new member your first job is to familiarize yourself with the rules, jobs and people of our universe. If all goes well you will become a member in our network and will receive entry into our discord game chat where u can communicate with members higher than you and will be able to request jobs. We look forward to seeing you in our network.
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